Why PowerMeeting?

At PowerMeeting we’ve endured the same undisciplined meetings you have. Most of them ran late, wandered off topic, or were simply ineffective. As a result, our businesses ran less efficiently than we wanted.

We built PowerMeeting with the mission of addressing the single biggest waste in the business world: the runaway meeting. Now we plan better, adjust faster, and drive more results to the bottom line. We hope you’ll use it to improve your business. One meeting at a time.

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Start with a Better Plan

Setup Wizard

The #1 attribute of a successful meeting is preparation. You’ll plan and prioritize quickly as the wizard walks you through each decision point in your meeting agenda. PowerMeeting makes it a snap.

Real-Time Visibility

The on screen timeline lets you and meeting participants see how the meeting is tracking and, if necessary, changing. Participants and presenters in later topics don’t sit and wonder when they’ll be needed. They’ll know at a glance.


Model a meeting and run it in fast motion to decide which processing options work best for your organization. No more guessing.

Built-in Contingencies


Don’t let unforeseen delays or undisciplined presenters wreck your agenda. The unique TimeShaper function reads the preferences you chose during meeting setup and adjusts your meeting dynamically to get you back on track.


Adjust your meeting to any management style whether you prefer a ‘hard stop’ or want to extend the meeting to cover more material. All meetings were not created equal. Why treat them that way?

Adjust with a Click

The wizard is always one click away, allowing you to change priorities or processing options while the meeting is underway. Even the best laid plans need adjusting. You’ll do it effortlessly.


Try PowerMeeting Today

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Try PowerMeeting Today

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Maximize Your Time

Discreet Timer

The onscreen timer pops up when the budgeted end time for a topic is within 5 minutes, removing the need for human timekeepers and awkward situations in ‘calling out’ a lengthy speaker.


Our software works with PowerPoint, the most popular presentation software, so you never have to worry about supporting a new format. Meeting presenters and participants can prepare as usual, but succeed as never before.

Quicker Start

No one wants to spend time learning a new software tool. PowerMeeting is fast and intuitive. Download in seconds. Plan a meeting in minutes. Try it for 30 days with no obligation.

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